NPM Day #2

Today I get to share a “new to me” poetry treasure (though it has existed in the world for over 20 years!).

Creature CoverI met Georgia Heard at Highlights last October and received a copy of one of her first books of poetry: “Creatures of Earth, Sea, and Sky” (originally published in 1992, and STILL in print!).  It is full of poetry about animals (which I love) yet spoken through their own voices, poetry with multiple voices (a form I think she loves), and beautiful artwork done with colored pencils (something you don’t get to see in picture books that frequently!) by Jennifer Owings Dewey.  I mean, look at the detail on that gorgeous cover!

I picked one poem to share that had the perfect amount of playfulness in it about a creature from the sea (of course).  You can see it below.  The rest you will have to read for yourself.  😉

Dolphin poem

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