NPM Day #6

Today’s picture book poetry collection is incredibly ambitious!  Its goal is one poem for every day of the year.  That’s 365 poems!

I ran across this collection while browsing through the newest poetry picture books on the shelf at Barnes and Noble.  It’s HUGE!  Let me give you an idea of that perspective.

2-Cover compare

It’s as tall as a regular picture book, but a bit wider and a LOT thicker (like 3 times as much!).

Sing Song Seasons COVERAs I read through “Sing a Song of Seasons,” I was thoroughly impressed by the variety of poems to be found within a constrained topic: nature (only animals, weather, or setting).  Remember, there are 365 poems collected here! And the art work blends all the poems from many different poets together so beautifully.  I loved the birds and foxes, etc. that crept through its pages.  Each page turn was a glorious anticipation.

This is where I mourn picking ONLY one poem.  THAT is a challenge.  I loved so many of the poems in this collection, especially because there were a LOT of poems I’d never read before.  What a delight!  I relished reading every single one.   This too might be a book I need in my forever collection.

BUT for today’s purposes, I share only one poem, the poem that would be on the date of my birthday.  And I laughed when I read it because it was SO very appropriate for me.  See for yourself!

Aug 2

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