NPM Day #28

Today let’s travel back in time to discuss picture book poetry about dinosaurs!

Past COVER“In the Past” is a collection of poems by David Elliott all about dinosaurs.  Each page is a revelation, not only because their is nonfiction incorporated into each poem about each dinosaur, but also because of the gorgeous watercolors done by the illustrator Matthew Trueman.  I spent forever just looking at the pictures and wondering just how the illustrator managed to achieve that particular touch with the medium!  And that’s not to say that the word play is in any way less brilliant.  It’s a great collection that shows the perfect marriage between words and art.  But seriously!  If you can get ahold of this book, you’ve got to check out the teeth on the Meg!  Each wrinkle and spot on the dinosaur or their terrain left me agog.  Here is but one tiny sample from this book that you must check out:



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