NPM 2020 Day 1: Tribute

As we start the month of April looking at poetry in picture books, I feel it only right to start off with a tribute. The poetry world suffered great losses this last year with the passing of Lee Bennett Hopkins and Paul B. Janeczko.  I didn’t know Paul personally, but I loved his poetry picture book anthologies (and discovered them far too late in life).  And I was just starting to get to know Lee; I cried when I found out he passed away.  Sometimes life is cruel, taking those that have touched our lives in ways we can never express.

Oh No COVERI knew then that this would be the first poem I would post.  I had read it before in the past and loved it.  I heard Lee read it himself when I was at Highlights in October 2018.  There is no better poem to describe the heaviness I feel at Paul and Lee’s loss than this.  It comes from one of Lee’s collections titled “Oh, No! Where Are My Pants! And Other Disasters: Poems.”  I was stunned by its beauty on such a heavy topic, and how it was handled for children.  I will post the full spread and then a closeup of the poem so you can read it better.



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  1. What a beautiful poem. You’re right, Jena, such a heavy topic so deftly expressed for a child’s understanding of life’s passing. Tearing up a bit here!

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