NPM 2020 Day 2: Manger

I want to continue my tribute and share one of Lee Bennett Hopkin’s poems today.

I know I shared this picture book last year, but I didn’t share this particular poem.  Lee wrote this one and I wrote to him about it.  It’s genius!

Manger COVER2You see, “Manger” is a collection of poems about the birth of Jesus as told from the point of view of all the animals around him.  There is a certain expectation of barn animals and a few surrounding in the countryside.  But Lee’s was a perspective I wasn’t expecting to find in the book and it was so simple.  It made perfect sense to find a poem about fish talking about someone referred to as a “fisher of men.”  And yet it had NEVER once occurred to me (or anyone else that I know of for that matter).  It is simple and elegant and joyous all at the same time.  This was also Lee.  His laugh was contagious.  His welcoming spirit was a joy to be around in any context.  I share the poem with you here today in memory of him.

I loved it for so many reasons.  I love fish and had saved this collection of poems to read in December.  I had just designed my own fish Christmas card and felt a synchronicity with the poem.  I will always love this poem.


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