NPM 2020 Day 9: Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

And let us leave the dark of the night, for the beautiful glory of the day.

Beautiful Day COVERI just finished watching the movie with Tom Hanks about Mister Rogers and I admit it made my heart feel full to know there were wonderful people like him in this world.  Even if he is gone now, his work lives on.  And this beautiful collection of his poetry is just one of the many ways that is true.  He left a legacy of kindness that cannot be ignored.  And LORD how we need that these days.

Not only are the poems full of light and music, but the illustrations are just as joyous. Luke Flowers once again does what he does best and helps us all to enjoy the same things we enjoyed about the show.  From the puppets, the sad and mad and happy, to the silly, these poems and their illustrations brought a smile to my face with every single one I read.  Yet again, I struggled to find just one that I enjoyed the most, BUT the one I picked was one that made me laugh out loud.  As a tall person who towers over the little kiddos I work with, the giraffe illustration was pitch perfect to me.

Beautiful Day8

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