NPM 2020 Day 15: Water Sings Blue

Here is another oldy, but goody discovered by me recently.

1-Water Sings Blue COVERI absolutely adore this book!  Talk about a favorite find again.  I’m telling you, my book shopping list GREW a lot this year.  Not only are the poems in “Water Sings Blue: Ocean poems” a wonderful mix of playful and beautiful, but the illustrations are equally stunning.  It was originally published in 2012 and Kate Coombs doesn’t appear to have written very many other poetry collections.  Kate! You need to do more like this!  And I am sadly unfamiliar with Meilo So’s gorgeous work.  I need to track down more of her illustrations.

There were several I wanted to share.  And although the book was originally published in 2012, I’m trying to stick to my “only one” rule.  I wanted to share the gorgeous jellyfish poem, the funny urchin poem, and the whimsical octopus poem.  But no.  The one I chose I picked for two reasons.  1) I used to sit at the side of the beach and listen to the ocean lap against the shore for hours.  It spoke to me in ways that soothed my soul unlike anything else when I was growing up (and still does, when I get the chance).  2) The illustrations accompanying this poem really do show the variety of styles Meilo So is able to accomplish with watercolor.  They’re stunning!

Water Sings Blue4

Water Sings Blue5

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