NPM 2020 Day 27: School People

I was going to share about this book last year, but when it came time, I didn’t like the photos I’d taken.  Then I won a copy after April has passed and I knew I would save it for this year.

1-School People COVER“School People” is another collection by Lee Bennett Hopkins.  And LORD!  Does it make me miss work and the people there right now (I won’t even mention missing the kids!).  Every poem highlights a different person in a school building and I picked one that really spoke the most to me (though I loved every single one in the book), especially right now.

I think most of us think “school” and automatically think “teacher” or “principal” as the only people who work there, but it’s not true.  A school is run by SO many people who have to come together every day to make it all happen.  Some are unseen (and this book does a great job crediting those people too), some are very seen.

I chose a poem about the school nurse.  In our school, the kids almost always want to go see the nurse (even for imaginary boo-boos) because they love her.  She’s kind and reassuring.  And during this time when all the rest of us aren’t allowed in the building, she’s still there, making sure families have the meds they need, etc.  She stayed behind.  I don’t think a lot of people know that.  I’m SO impressed and thankful for our school nurse every day.  I HAD to pick this poem.



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