NPM 2020 Day 29: One Big Rain

Here in Alaska, it’s JUST starting to be spring.  We’ve had a few glorious rain showers that have finally helped melt the snow and I can now see grass (even though it isn’t green yet).  So today’s anthology seemed appropriate to share.

1-One Big Rain COVER“One Big Rain: poems for every seasons” is a collection of poems compiled by Rita Gray but written by other poets and illustrated by Ryan O’Rourke.  It’s all on the topic of rain and the various types of rain that happen throughout the year (and throughout the seasons).

I found that concept fascinating, especially as I grew up in “rain country” (as we locals call the Southeast of Alaska where it rains ALL the time).  I bet you didn’t know that Alaska had a rain forest, did you?  BUT we do!  There’s an ocean current that comes from Japan and wraps around the Southeast of Alaska, creating a warm misty world unlike the rest of Alaska (that most people think of from media).  They even have a different type of snow there (a wet snow that sticks together to make snowmen really well), than where I currently live in Alaska (which has a dry snow that blows away and does NOT make snowmen really well, usually).

I love rain and couldn’t wait to read this one.  I never really thought of rain during different seasons before.  I have always loves spring rain, but abhor winter rain (because of the dangerous road conditions, etc.).  And yet, the poem I would share today from this collection made me rethink that frame of mind.  I found it quite beautiful in word play AND in imagery.

one big rain2

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  1. What a fascinating poem! I love how it doesn’t describe the crop in detail; it leaves you to imagine. I also loved your description of the Alaskan rain forest, and different types of snow. Thanks for this post.

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