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It took a week and a half away from my precious summer time, BUT I painted my giant bedroom and it was worth it.  I am SO happy looking at these “new” walls now, it’s ridiculous.  I get lost just gazing at them.  SO I thought I’d share the fruits of my labors (and my hubby too, of course), as well as give you a tiny bit of insight into me.

Sadly, there are NO “before” pictures.  Only the “after” pictures.  But I want you to imagine a grayish green blech-y color on every wall in the bedroom.  It wasn’t even an intentional color.  It was one color painted over another and this was the resulting dark mostly colorless shade that was left behind.  It was NOT at all pleasing to the eye.  PLUS whoever had painted that green, didn’t cover up ceiling or trim or anything and there were all sorts of painting bloops everywhere that were driving the perfectionist in me insane.

Suffice it to say, we’ve had plans since we moved into the house in October (in the middle of the school year so we couldn’t do it then) to repaint it in the summer.  We taped everything.  We primed the wall so that dark color wouldn’t show through.  Then we painted 3 of the walls white, and the one wall behind the bed headboard got a blue that ended up being much brighter and bolder than we thought.  It’s gorgeous!


I even love the way it makes the lamps on the night stands just POP!


THEN we had a stencil border we painted near the ceiling of one wall only (you will see why in a minute).  We decided that it would be lovely if it was curly-que-esque.  It turns out that means “French” in design and the one we liked best from inspired by the Palace of Versaille.  Go figure!  I can look at that border forever!


It even brightens up the corners of that same wall!


Before I go any further, I should also explain that I’m obsessed with blues and whites, especially as it pertains to plates like Blue Willow and the like.  I’ve had them hung in my bedroom for years.  My hubby obligingly lets me continue to do so.  I have Blue Willow, Lace plates, some assorted castle plates, and a Wedgewood plate hanging above our closet doors.

I got some of these tiny little plates (from Denmark originally) from my mom.  She got them on a trip to the Nordic countries when she was a little girl.  She eventually gave them to me.  Then I found more of them in an antique shop a few summers ago (on a trip to LA) and completed the collection.  Those are finally hanging over the dark blue curtains that cover the giant window into the bedroom.


Some other plates are also smaller and simply sitting on bookshelves.  This one was also one my mom had when she was younger.  BUT it was a mermaid!  And you know how I love mermaids.  Sadly, she broke it when she was younger.  I think it gives it a story.


Finally, here are some pics of my treasures collected from travels around the world so far.  There are big cats and little cats, clogs, a kissing boy and girl, and a sugar and milk Wedgewood set.


I just love how much more light bounces around the room now, thanks to the white walls.  And the blues in contrast make me happy.  It’s the little things.  And I’m probably NEVER painting this room again.  So I’m glad both the hubby and I are pleased with it all.

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