NPM 2021 Day 4: The Shortest Day

While we’re talking about picture books that are just one poem, I should probably mention this one.

1-SD COVER“The Shortest Day” is an older poem written by Susan Cooper for John Meredith Langstaff’s Christmas Revels.  I hadn’t heard of either the poem or the revels until I read this book and looked up more info on the revels.  I had assumed from the title that it was about the Winter Solstice (which Alaskans are VERY familiar with) and I wasn’t wrong, but … it’s more than that.  It’s about ancient times, traditions being passed on, thanksgiving, and the hope for more light.

Carson Ellis (of “Du Iz Tak?” fame) decided to illustrate this book and thus it’s a new picture book.  I admit that I’m NOT a fan of modern art (you’ve heard me say this before) but there are some very interesting choices that are made with this particular version.  It strikes me as both odd and fascinating at the same time (if that makes sense).

The whole poem is shared at the start of the book before it is illustrated throughout the full book, separating verses on different pages with different images.  As it was difficult to pick just one page of this book, I share the whole poem and the opening image.  I found the personification of the sun a very interesting idea.  The rest of the book is up to you to read, if you want. 😉



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