NPM 2021 Day 5: Snowman-Cold=Puddle

Speaking of winter (that has gone on way too long) and waiting for SPRING, I have to mention this brilliant book.

1-SCP COVER“Snowman-Cold=Puddle” is another BRILLIANT book written by Laura Purdie Salas.  Oh dear readers!  She made poetry EQUATIONS!!!  These are both creative and brilliant.  Yes, I’ve said the word three times and I don’t care.

Laura loves to create her own poetry forms and this one is … genius.  See?  I can change my adjectives!

This is a seasonal poetry book all about the transition from winter to spring, but it incorporates nonfiction matter, poetry, and equations.  I don’t think I’ve EVER seen that done before.  AND to make it extra appealing, Micha Archer has illustrated the entire book with gorgeous collage art work.  I share one of my favorite spreads (close up of text first) that I had to study a bit before I realized what I was looking at!  It “snuck up” on me, if you will.




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