NPM 2021 Day 9: Hawks Kettle, Puffins Wheel

Here is another collection of poems about birds that shouldn’t be missed.

1-Hawks Kettle COVER“Hawks Kettle, Puffins Wheel” is a collection of poems written by Susan Vander Griek.  This book focuses on birds’ movement, especially when there is a special word about it that has been added to our language.  This is both fascinating nonfiction matter and word play at its best.  Susan uses a variety of poetry forms as she plays around describing the movement of these birds she has chose for this collection.

The illustrations by Mark Hoffman are perfectly fitted to the collection and the matter.  Each page has illustrations of the bird the poem is talking about, as well as feathers and other inset illustrations in the back matter.

I chose a bird that signals the return of spring to me here in Alaska (as well as heralds the end of fall): the Canadian goose.  We get tons of them every spring when the snow is melting, even on my school’s playground.  I share a close up of the text first (a concrete poem!), and then the full spread.




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