NPM 2021 Day 10: Whoo-ku Haiku

This is another incredibly creative collection of poems about one specific bird: a great horned owl.

1-WKH COVER“Whoo-ku Haiku” is a brilliant collection of haiku written by Maria Gianferrari about the life cycle of the great horned owl.  Haiku!  Each poem sings as a stand alone, but they also tell a story.  How do you do that?

Each page is accompanied by incredible illustrations by Jonathan Voss that demand to be studied.  From the gorgeous full spread illustrations to the spot illustrations included with the nonfiction matter, these illustrations are glorious pieces of art.

Each page shares several haiku poems.  As such, I share a close up of one of my favorites first, then the sidebar it was on with the spot illustration (and look at that amazingly detailed spot illustration!), then the full spread (so you can get an idea of how this book is laid out).  I just love the imagery in this haiku by itself too though!

WK Haiku1

WK Haiku2

WK Haiku3

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