NPM 2021 Day 11: Superlative Birds

Today brings an interesting poetry collection about birds incorporating word play.  I was surprised to find that there were some birds and bird words I didn’t know!

1-SB COVER“Superlative Birds” is a fun collection of poems about the oddballs in the bird world, as well as incredible word play.  These birds are unique, but so are the poems.  Each poem uses a form that best fits each bird.  And the choice of words used in the book are incredibly rich.  While there is a science fact on each page, I found myself diving into the back matter to learn even more.  I love birds AND poetry.  I’m quite frankly surprised no one thought of this concept sooner.

And this was my first introduction to Leslie Bulion’s writing.  I can say without a doubt that I will be tracking down some of her other picture book poetry collections after reading this one!  Illustrator Robert Meganck’s work also fit this collection to a tee.  It is cartoon-y but almost scientific in its preciseness.  The humor in the drawings is pitch perfect.

First a close up of the poem I chose about a bird I had never heard of before.


Since these are African birds, Bulion chose a tendi form.  This is a four-line stanza with Arabic origins used in traditional Swahili poetry.  Next a close-up of the science facts include on the page:


Finally the full page spread in the book:


Can you imagine SO many birds landing in a tree that they break it???  Wowser!

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