NPM 2021 Day 12: Dream Big, Little Scientists

Today’s poetry book is a lullaby for little scientists everywhere.

1-DBLS COVERI can’t believe no one has thought of something like this book before because it’s a brilliant concept.  “Dream Big, Little Scientists” is a fun bedtime book to read to those kiddos who are scientifically minded.  Writer Michelle Schaub has a great rhythm throughout the book but also includes just about every field of science you can imagine.  Illustrator Alice Potter has some clever fun on each page with subtle inclusions I loved pouring over (from posters to bed decor).  And there’s a rich diversity of characters for every kiddo too.  Another brilliant choice!  As this is another “whole book” poem, I had a really hard time choosing just one spread to share.  I was torn between the geology spread (as my hubby loves rocks) and the oceanography spread.  Guess which one won out?


Look!  It’s Jacques Cousteau!  Of course.  Hee!  And notice the inhaler on the bedside table.  Interesting choice.


And I LOVE that poster with the names of the layers of the ocean.  SUCH a nice touch!


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