NPM 2021 Day 13: Sweet Dreamers

Today’s bedtime poetry book was originally published in France!

1-SD COVER“Sweet Dreamers” is a gorgeous collection of poetry by Isabelle Simler.  She is both the author and the illustrator.  The concept is one I’ve seen before, though not done quite like this.  Animals sleep on each spread with a poem, but each animal sleeps differently so there is some nonfiction info snuck in when you’re not looking.  And the art!  Oh my goodness!  It’s gorgeous!  It almost appears to be scratchboard, though I suspect it’s digital.  And the use of neon colors adds a natural night time glow that is absolutely perfect.  I was SO taken with the art in this book that again I struggled to pick only one spread that would showcase the amazing work that is in this book.  However, in the end, I settled on the flamingo.  But trust me when I say that this is a book you’ll want to track down and delight in on your own!





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