NPM 2021 Day 22: Soccerverse

Speaking of things I can’t wait to share with you, here is another: a brilliant collection of poems all about soccer!

1-SV COVERI was blessed to see the F&G of this book when I was at a poetry workshop at Highlights a few years back.  I’ve been trying to track down a copy through my library for the last few years and finally succeeded.  I am not personally a fan of soccer, but I’m a fan of poetry that kids might find to fall in love with.  As such, I was excited about this book for every kid who is a soccer player out there.  I hope that a copy of this book finds its way into each of their hands and helps them to also fall in love with poetry.

“Soccerverse” is written by Elizabeth Steinglass.  Every poem in this collection is about a different aspect of the game (the outfits, the field, the friendships, the aggression, etc.) all told from a kid’s point of view.  They each use a different form of poetry as well and there were many poems that I fell in love with here.  The illustrations by Edson Ike were also pitch perfect (no pun intended).

The poem I chose to share is a Tercet (three lines of verse that rhyme) and I found it the most amusing in the book (in my opinion).



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