NPM 2021 Day 29: Who Named Their Pony Macaroni?

Today’s poetry picture book comes from another of my favorite authors: Marilyn Singer.

1-WCTPM COVER“Who Named Their Pony Macaroni?: Poems about White House Pets” is a poetry picture book collection about presidential pets over the years.  I found it interesting to learn about White House pets I’d never known of before.  I had no idea there were more than cats, dogs, and birds kept within those walls in the past.  Did you know there was once a pet raccoon?  And goats?

Poet Marilyn Singer researched the subject well and managed to find a way to convey the information in a fun way.  Many of these poems are quite funny.

Illustrator Ryan McAmis does an amazing job with 3D paper collage or “mixed media.”  These illustrations practically pop out of the page (though not literally–it’s not a pop-up book).

I picked one poem to share that amused me:



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