NPM 2022 Day 21: What the Road Said

Today’s poetry picture book would be great for graduation presents.

1-Road COVERWHAT THE ROAD SAID starts with a young protagonist who is suddenly presented with a magical road.  She/he asks the road “Where do you lead?” and the road responds with “Be a leader and find out.”  This is a book full of questions (from the protagonist) and answers (from the road) that easily compares to OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO.

Poet and activist Cleo Wade wrote the book and there were many pages I wanted to share.  There’s quick and wonderful depth to be found with every question.  I’m reminded ever so slightly of Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” as well.  There’s curiosity and fear, as well as vulnerability as the book reminds us to keep going, stay curious, and be kind.

The illustrations by Lucie de Moyencourt in her debut picture book are varied and beautiful.  There are so many vistas that the road travels through, I don’t think I can do justice in describing them.  You will need to see this one.

Sadly, the page I share today (one of my favorite parts in the book) had a glare I didn’t see before (in my hurry to assemble all of these entries).  It starts off with the question “What if something unexpected happens?”


This feels like SO many of the questions I have been asking myself lately, as well as my own response to myself.  Don’t give up.  KEEP going!

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