NPM 2022 Day 22: The Wisdom of Trees

Oh dear readers, I’m delighted to share with you today’s poetry picture book.  It’s another top favorite find for this month!

1-Wisdom Trees COVERTHE WISDOM OF TREES is mind blowing.  It is put together by an author-illustrator with a passion for the subject matter: trees!  It includes non-fiction with some of the most recent discoveries about trees: how they can communicate with each other, how they are a community, etc.  There have been several picture books released lately on these amazing scientific discoveries, but I haven’t found one I’ve loved quite as much as this one.  Not only are the facts are accessible (especially to someone like me who is NOT a scientist), but I will never forget some of the things I learned from this book.  Seriously.  I kept stopping as I was reading to share bits with my hubby and he was also impressed.  So much so, he told his school librarian that they needed to have a copy of this book too!

BUT this book isn’t just amazing nonfiction.  It’s POETRY of the best kind!  To say the poetry is wonderful doesn’t do this book justice.  They are lyrical and lovely.  They bring life to the voice of trees!

Again, that isn’t all!  The illustrations are mouth-wateringly gorgeous!  I poured over the illustrations in this book for hours.  They are stunning watercolor paintings I wish I could create.

Trust me when I say, if you are a fan of trees at all, then you HAVE to check out this book!  This is one I will track down to add to my personal library ASAP.

There were many bits I would love to share, but I will share only this one poem and the nonfiction bits from the page.  This baby deer stole my heart, but learning that dead trees are not gone? Mind blown!



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