NPM 2022 Day 25: Girls and Boys Come Out to Play

Here’s a throw back: Mother Goose!  Yet this book is a unique twist and perfect for bedtime.

1-GB COVERGIRLS AND BOYS COME OUT TO PLAY is a picture book that plays with Mother Goose rhymes.  If readers aren’t familiar with the originals referenced within, they can find them on the end papers!  Why is that important?  Well in this poem, Mother Goose invites children to come out and play with the cast of several of her original poems.  They go on a fantastical moonlit adventure before winding down snug in their beds.

The illustrations help to modernize the rhyme as we see several children on a city block invited to come out to play (though there is one little girl in particular who is the “main character” in the illustrations).  Once again, I quite envied the watercolor paintings I saw on every page.  I quite adored how simple they seemed (which is SO deceptive!!) and the millions of little details on every page.  I can only share one page (my rule) so I chose one from the beginning with the initial invitation (and the smiling moon that I so loved).


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