Today’s poetry picture book is all about caterpillars in every facet of their lives and in almost every species it could fit in written by the amazing Marilyn Singer.

0-C coverCATERPILLARS is a book that might be easy to overlook, but you absolutely shouldn’t!  It’s one of my favorite finds this year!  As a classroom teacher who has taught about caterpillars and metamorphosis for years, I was stunned to learn new things.  NEW things!

The format for this book is also a clever one too.  Marilyn Singer writes a poem about caterpillars that not only opens the book, it is the backbone of the book.  A line is repeated on every page and it serves to organize the information about these magical creatures, almost like a table of contents!  This is STEAM at its best!

And don’t get me started on the stunning photos.  I don’t quite know who to give credit to for those, but I’m wondering if they’re a set from the publisher, EarlyLight Books.  These are some of the best photographs of caterpillars I’ve ever seen.

I share only part of the originating poem first and then one of my favorite parts of the book.




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