The teacher in me loved today’s poetry picture book with its ABC approach to emotions.

0-EM COVERAN EMOTIONAL MENAGERIE is a clever collection of poems about emotions organized from A to Z.  I’m sad to say though, that I have no idea who wrote them.  The copyright page (and all the info I could find online) all say the same thing, that it comes from the publisher, The School of Life.  Odd.  I dug as deep as I could and I kept getting that same answer.  The illusrations, however, are attributed to Rachael Saunders.

The emotions chosen to highlight for each letter aren’t simple ones either.  It might be boredom or, in the case of the poem I chose, embarrassment.  The concept of hte book, though, goes a step further in comparing the emotions to animals and the pairings are quite brilliant.  This is one of the many reasons I chose the poem I did.  I think it highlights both the writing within the book and the illustrations.  It’s a super fun concept and would be a brilliant addition to any classroom.



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