NPM 2023 Day 18: MY POET

Today’s poetry picture book is a bittersweet homage to both Mary Oliver and Patricia MacLachlan.

0-MP COVERMY POET is not necessarily a picture book full of poetry, but more about poetry.  And yet, I would argue that it is both as there are such lovely moments and lines all throughout that it wouldn’t leave my mind long after I read it.  It is written by Patricia MacLachlan (who passed away a little over a year ago now) in an homage of sorts of the poet Mary Oliver (also passed), whom she saw in her same town from a distance quite frequently.  The illustrations by Jen Hill seal the deal here, adding both beauty to each quiet moment and insight.  Here a young girl tags along with a poet who is collecting words.  The child is mystified by this, but follows anyway, wanting to do the same.  I share one of my favorite moments from the book here today.




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