NPM 2023 Day 28: THINGS Collection

Today I want to give a bit of a surprise shout out to Janet Wong, Sylvia Vardell, Pomelo Books, and Vicki Wilke.

Many years ago I went to Highlights for a poetry workshop and met Vicki there.  We became Facebook friends and I’ve loved seeing her work published quite frequently over the last few years.  I took a kidlit poetry class with Janet Wong and it opened up an opportunity for publishing poetry via Pomelo Books.  None of my poetry has been published in these, but Vicki has published poetry in almost every anthology in their THINGS collection.

Things We Collection

This is a wonderful collection of poems aimed at very young readers AND the profits of all book sales are donated to IBBY Children in Crisis Fund.  What better cause for poetry than to help children in need?  I highly recommend purchasing them.

Last April, Vicki shared her poem on Facebook that was published in THINGS WE EAT.  It stayed with me and I had to go back to it.  I have many friends who have become published in these wonderful anthologies, but Vicki’s word choice is the one that stuck in my brain and wouldn’t let me go.  I love her use of the word “buk-buks.”  (And YES, it is a chicken theme this year that stands out to me with my pending rooster picture book.)  I share it here for you to enjoy too.

Egg-Vicki Wilke

And if you’re looking for more poetry fun this month, be sure to check out the Kidlitosphere Event Roundup!  Thank you for stopping by! NPM 2023

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