NPM 2020 Day 12: Fresh-Picked Poetry

I finally got ahold of a copy of this one and it was worth the wait!

1-Fresh Picked COVERToday’s picture book poetry collect, “Fresh-Picked Poetry: A Day at the Farmer’s Market” is every bit as delightful as I’d heard it was.  It starts with the Farmer before dawn, meanders through a market through a child’s eyes, and ends after the day is done.  VERY clever timeframe.

These poems are all written by one poet: Michelle Schaub.  She’s one to keep an eye on as her work is starting to become published more frequently.  I’m still trying to get ahold of some of her newest poetry picture book collections (“Finding Treasure” and “Dream Big, Little Scientists”).

The illustrations are also fun.  I laugh that the poem I picked to share is probably the only one in the book that doesn’t have a white background.  It has a LOT of blue, and that could be one of the many reasons I was drawn to it (as blue is one of my favorite colors).  The color palette of the book, though, was wonderfully fresh and bright.  This poem stood out to me for many reasons visually, as well as the text.

Fresh Picked2

Fresh Picked3

Fresh Picked4

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to this poet, Jena. I really love the poem you shared. I plan to get my hands on her books and have made a note in my journal so I won’t forget.

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