NPM 2020 Day 13: Our Food

Don’t you love it when poetry does more than one thing?

1-Our Food COVERToday’s poetry picture book collection, “Our Food: a Healthy Serving of Science and Poems,” does THREE things.  First, it has a wonderful haiku on every spread about food.  Second, it includes some science matter on every page.  Third, all of the above is in answer to a question that a child might ask about food. That’s a lot!  It’s a great concept too.  I assume Grace Lin is the poet here, and Ranida T. McKneally is the one who includes the science facts (but I could be wrong!).  The illustrator is Grace Zong.

I picked a poem about peaches as my favorite because … I love peaches.  Though sadly, thanks to developing spring allergies to some tree or other, peaches no longer love me.  BUT I still love the delicious smell of them.  Plus they always remind me of the song by The Presidents of the United States (which always made me happy) AND one of my all time favorite poems by Li-Young Lee.  It’s amazing that peaches have all these references and significance for me, but they do.  Thus, the poem I chose to highlight.

Our Food2

Our Food3

Our Food5

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