NPM 2021 Day 14: That is My Dream!

Speaking of dreams, I can’t forget one of my favorite poets: Langston Hughes!

1-TiMD COVERLangston Hughes originally wrote the poem “That is My Dream!” many, many years ago (before I was even born).  It is one of many of his poems that I’ve loved and adored over the years.  I was delighted to discover this picture book of it illustrated by Daniel Miyares.  And Daniel adds a whole subtext I’d never really thought of before.

Here he tells the story from the point of view of a young African-American boy who dreams of freedom.  Oppression isn’t really talked about in the original poem, but … well, let’s just say that I’ll never read the line “til the white day is done” quite the same way again.

And the illustrations are gorgeous.  This is like looking at a series of paintings in a museum.  I chose one spread that really blew me away, but I’m not sure if it will have the same impact on you without reading it in context of the poem.  Yet, I share it anyway (and the poem is linked above).


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