NPM 2021 Day 26: Stella Unleashed

I always think of this picture book by Linda Ashman when I see a poetry picture book collection about dogs.  SO I have to share it here today, even if it did come out back in 2008.

1-SU COVER“Stella Unleashed: Notes from the Doghouse” is a hilarious collection of poems by Linda Ashman about life told from her dog’s point of view.  Of course, I’ve seen something like this done numerous times over the years, but this book has stayed in my memory.  When a book does that, when it sticks in my brain in a good way, I know I have to share it.  And after yesterday’s post about a poetry picture book collection about dogs, I KNEW I had to share this one as well.

The poems are about a specific adopted dog in the author’s family life.  It’s the specificity that makes this book (and the poems) really sing.  The dogs antics and personality, family interactions and relationships are all aspects that make this book really stand out.  This is a character!

Of course the hilarious illustrations by Paul Meisel also help to develop that same character.  This is a collection of poetry that is memorable (for many others too I’m sure, not just for me).

I share one poem here as it’s both sweet and perfectly illustrates what I’m talking about:


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