NPM 2022 Day 6: Almost Nothing, Yet Everything

Today’s poetry picture book was originally published in Japan.

1-Almost Nothing COVERALMOST NOTHING, YET EVERYTHING: A BOOK ABOUT WATER is a beautiful poetry picture book all about water.  Every page has a line of a poem exploring water that seems simple at first glance, but takes its time to sink in.

The illustrations by Ryoji Arai are incredible.  They use colors in ways I never expected.  For instance, I wouldn’t expect a book about water to have a green cover.  And the interpretations of water (real physical vs. metaphorical) are both present in the paintings on every page.

I fully admit that I wasn’t overly thrilled with the ending (which reads like a punchline to a joke), but I still thought I’d review the book here.  It might be a joke I don’t get because I’m not from the culture it originated in.  It might just not be my sense of humor.  But I fully believe that poetry is for everyone.  While it might not be my cup of tea (so to speak), it could be for someone else.  So I share it here for you.  Here is just one page from the book with one of my favorite images.


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