NPM 2022 Day 23: If You Go Down to the Woods Today

Today’s poetry picture book is just like one of those puzzles I used to love from Highlights magazine where you had to look for hidden objects.  I bet this book would be very fun for younger readers!

1-Down to Woods COVERIF YOU GO DOWN TO THE WOODS TODAY is a poetry picture book unlike anything else I’ve seen.  It’s quite tall as each page has a TON of hidden pictures to find based on a theme.  One page might have school as a theme, while another might have spring as a theme.  Yet each scene is set in the woods with woodland creatures going about their business.  Each page also has a poem so it’s an excellent introduction to poetry for younger readers.

At the back of the book, there are some wonderful resources as well.  There is a highlight of something from each page that the reader can look for in nature, continuing the “treasure hunt” (if you will) outside.  There is also a list of Nature Resources and Poetry Resources that will help to expand searches of different kinds.  It’s quite a fantastic package.

I thought I would share the school scene as it tickled my “teacher” bone.




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