Today’s picture book is another favorite find, although it originally came out in 2014.

0-SSG coverS IS FOR SEA GLASS is a collection of poems written by Richard Michelson and arranged alphabetically (starting with A and ending with Z).  All of the poems have a beach theme (I know, big surprise since you know how much I love the ocean), but the variety of poems here is absolutely delightful.  There’s silly, contemplative, persona poems (one of my favorites is told from the point of view of the dog), and poems that make you pine for the beach.  The illustrations by Doris Ettlinger are just as diverse.  It would be easy to dismiss this as “yet another” ABC book, but it’s not.  This collection is astonishing in its depth and variety.  I’m surprised I hadn’t read it sooner!

Although I struggled to pick “just one” (I really, really did!), I settled on this one.  I picked a silly poem to share because it felt the most relevant to my own Alaskan beaches.  I loved this one the most probably because I laugh every time I read it.


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