NPM 2021 Day 21: Fresh Delicious

Today I share another slightly older poetry picture book gem.

I’ve fallen madly in love with Irene Latham’s poetry lately.  I’ve read many of her books over the years, but this year I’m obsessed.  I’m going to try and spread her work out a bit throughout the month.  Today I’m sharing an older poetry picture book of her’s from 2016 and frankly, I’m sad I missed it when it first came out!

1-FD COVER“Fresh Delicious: Poems from the Farmers’ Market” is an adorable collection of poems for younger readers about many of the fruits and veggies you can find at the farmer’s market.  I say younger readers as these childlike reflections are perfectly written to appeal to younger readers.  However, I admit that I giggled delightedly through every single page of this book.

Part of that can be credited to the absolutely adorable artwork by illustrator Mique Moriuchi.  I’m not sure if this is cut paper collage combined with digital work, but it fits the poetry SO perfectly that I marveled at the fun woven throughout every page.

In the end, I picked a delightful poem about watermelon to share because this illustration made me giggle probably the most.



I have a fond memory of a summer gathering with my cousins and spitting watermelon seeds off the porch as a group as we sat there, much like this.  I love it!

And if you’re looking for more poetry fun this month, be sure to check out the Kidlitosphere Event Roundup!

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